When brainstorming ideas for Instagram posts, every social media manager has encountered creative blocks. As you need to continuously engage your audience to stay important to Instagram, it can have a dramatic effect on brand success. About 100 million posts a day are posted by Instagram users, so it is very possible to get lost in the noise. Missing only a few days in your posting schedule might drastically set you back. Furthermore, to ensure that posts from your most relevant accounts get top priority, Instagram has modified their algorithm. This means that if you want to retain organic exposure, you will have to drive meaningful interaction with your posts. Taking all these considerations into account, you should always be armed with a collection of ideas for content so that you always know what to share on Instagram. Take a look at these 12 innovative ideas for Instagram posts that will help you create a robust calendar of content.

1. Build shoppable posts

When you post photos of your items, several followers will be enticed to purchase them. But they’re going to have to go through a long process of separately visiting your site and then looking for the items in your posts. This can be a hassle for them and, as a result, you might miss out on a lot of future sales. Instead, start labeling your items to create shoppable posts so that people can finish their purchases faster. You can build posts with product tags with the Instagram-shopping feature that people can tap on to find out more information, such as descriptions, prices, etc. Through this process, they can then directly check out the product, helping you increase traffic and sales.

2. Create tutorials for your followers to learn from

Establish the value of your brand’s Instagram account by meeting the knowledge requirements of your audience. Among the best ideas for Instagram content, tutorials and tips are a great way to keep your audience informed. You may teach them how to do a certain task using your product, how to set up your product, etc.

3. Flaunt your product features creatively

If you’re managing an Instagram account for a brand, there’s no doubt you’re going to make product posts. People may not like it, though, when you’re marketing the product overtly in a way that’s too pushy. You need to get creative and find a way to highlight your product attributes strategically without sounding like a sales pitch. When you intend to advertise your goods, adding humor to your captions is one of the best ideas. But don’t try too hard if you want to make this work. Keep it laidback, natural, and consistent with the voice of your brand. You can always try captions that illustrate the value that your product provides if humor doesn’t suit your brand image.

4. Tell real stories through content created by users

By sharing real stories of your customers, infuse some social evidence into your Instagram posts. This is a perfect way to show your loyal customers your gratitude while gaining the interest of potential customers. When you share the content created by your followers about your brand, you can create a powerful brand community. Plus, when you’ve run out of ideas for Instagram posts, it lets you fill out your content calendar.

5. Build original graphics for interesting facts and figures

Do you have any interesting facts and figures to share with your fans? Transform them into images that are aesthetically appealing that suit your brand image and stand out in the feeds of your followers. Although the details you share may be very interesting, Instagram is a visual medium, so unless it’s in visual form, users may not pay much attention to it.

Conclusion Follow these inventive ways to post on Instagram and get your followers interested. Many of these ideas for Instagram posts concentrate on creating deeper relationships with your audience, which is important for the growth of the brand. Make the most of these thoughts and build a comprehensive calendar of content so that you never run out of ideas again.