Twitter is a clear and concise way to communicate and express our thoughts. The snappy nature of tweets makes them easy to absorb, establish relationships with others, staying up to date with the latest trends, and reaching new audiences. It has been found that partnering with the right influencers on Twitter will increase the buying intent of customers by up to 88 %.

However, there is a lot of background work that you need to do before you reach out with a proposal to influencers on Twitter. To get you started with Twitter influencer marketing, here are some tips.

1. Maintain an active profile on Twitter

Engaging regularly with your target audience is the secret to social media marketing success. This helps strengthen relationships to make it easier to attract customers and improve the online presence of your brand. Besides, maintaining a good presence has a two-fold advantage. Increasing the number of followers and the rate of engagement will help attract influencers who are looking for greater support and reach for their brands. This offers a powerful motivation to work with them.

2. Identify the Personality of your Brand

Developing a brand identity helps individuals connect to the brand. Your company appears human in the eyes of potential customers by attributing human qualities to your brand. For example, ruggedness and enthusiasm are synonymous with Nike’s brand personality, whereas Apple’s is all about sophistication. Qualities like quirkiness, honesty, sharpness, and integrity are other brand personalities that can be included. You can look for people on Twitter who resonate with your business, depending on the personality of your brand. Moreover, audiences know what to expect from you by establishing a clear persona. You will be able to attract a broad follower base by offering them engaging and entertaining content.

3. List down important criteria

Anyone can be an influencer on social media. However, you need to look for the right influencer for your brand. You would want to partner with a person who has a social impact on their followers. The following criteria are important to know which influencer should you consider for your brand.

  • Niche
  • Content Quality
  • Content Tone
  • Engagement Rate
  • Personality
  • Reach

4. By filtering out influencers

It can be difficult to further filter out the correct influencers who can reinforce your brand. But based on your niche, the number of followers, or other criteria, specialized platforms for influencer marketing will help you sort out the best Twitter influencers. You can also try using the good old technique of using the ‘#’ (hashtag) search. You should ideally lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships. Whether your marketing objective is to raise brand awareness, grow brand image, or increase interaction, the personality of your influencer should help you achieve these marketing objectives. That starts with clearly defining what you want from your influencers on Twitter. Define your ideal influencers by topic, audience, or campaign. Usually, the influencers, that share the same interests, which is relevant to your business, can impress the target audience the most.

5. Start engaging with the shortlisted ones

Make sure you like their posts or comment on them before you reach out to any online influencer. This can be a perfect way to crack the ice. You need to be creative to get the attention of influencers. Good ways to get on the radar of an influencer are @mentions and retweets. Answer their questions or share their content that our brand can relate with. While this can encourage the influencer to notice you, it can also help create more interaction and traffic. You can also give them a direct message after you’ve communicated with them a few times. It can help to connect with them to give you more insights into their thoughts and preferences.

6. Incentives for Sale

If you have determined which Twitter influencers you want your brand to support, you need to decide on the compensation. Existing influencers prefer exchanging their services with monetary compensation. Many, especially micro-influencers, are, however, more than willing to compromise on other methods of compensation, such as:

  • Shout Outs- You can assist them to obtain further exposure.
  • Giveaways and Discounts- In exchange for tweeting about their experiences, have free items or discounts.
  • Commission- An influencer that produces substantial sales may agree to work for a commission.


In terms of influencer marketing, like all the other social media sites, Twitter is like a dark horse. It’s a forum that can only allow you to draw your audience’s attention with a few words. If done correctly, influencers on Twitter will help create more traffic and leads for your business. Make sure you’ve done a background check before you approach an influencer for collaboration. Start engaging with them on Twitter until you are confident they suit your requirements. Bear in mind that constructing a meaningful long-term relationship with them should be your ultimate objective.