Social networking is a great way to grow your company’s visibility and traffic, building loyal clients, and producing leads and sales. To most advertisers, it’s the social media channel of choice — and for good reason. Creating your mark and generating new demand for your goods and services has never been cheaper. Here are nine reasons why Facebook advertising, can help make your company super effective.

1. Your potential customers spend a lot of time on social media these days

Facebook is too enormous for any company to neglect it. Your company has to have a Facebook profile. You know that — and so do another 40 million companies. This is the platform where your potential customers hang out. The average person spends 28 % of their time online on social networks — or 1.72 hours a day. Facebook users like over 4.1 million posts, sharing comments, status updates, and photos every minute. Facebook has a huge, active user base spending a tremendous amount of time every single day of each month there. Yet only 2 million active advertisers are on Facebook. So just think about chances!

2. One Billion Plus users served

And, in case you haven’t heard Facebook is sort of a huge deal. According to the latest figures reported by Facebook, 1.55 billion people sign on to Facebook each month, and 1.39 billion visit via Smartphone. Mark Zuckerberg revealed in August that his social network had reached an incredible milestone — more than one billion people signed into Facebook in a single day. What else do you know? Half a billion users access Facebook only from a mobile device. Your potential clients are within this huge pool of people. Most of them visit Facebook every day. You got to communicate with them. Ads on Facebook should help you hit the right target market.

3. Facebook’s organic reaching isn’t that effective anymore

When you have a Facebook page, what you may not know is that on average less than 0.5% of your followers will see your updates. Sad, but true. Facebook has reduced the prominence of business pages in people’s news feeds for years, upsetting business owners everywhere. Here’s the truth about Facebook marketing now: If you want customers to discover your brand, you’ll need to use Facebook advertising. The good news is that you don’t need a large budget.

4. The creation of highly scalable material

If you are making excellent content for your website regularly, you want people to learn about that. Then you post information across your social networks. Yet that doesn’t suffice. Facebook Advertising increases the visibility of your content. You’re potentially going to end up with more organic exposure for your content by using ads. When your Facebook ads are shared by influencers (yes, people do share ads), your advertising is revealed to an even wider audience. Remember the fact that interaction snowballs, as you go on social media.

5. Targeting is Great

Facebook is much more focused than you will ever imagine. Businesses with Facebook Ads can target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, actions, and connections. Yet Facebook can also help you get ahead of your audience’s unique, and sometimes inspired, segments with some powerful ad targeting options you have never heard of before. You can: tap on recent purchasing behavior, get innovative with life-event targeting, cultivate leads and develop loyalty, create audiences that look like your target audiences, and get super granular with targeting using layer targeting.

6. Remarketing is extremely powerful

Remarketing is the technology that shows people, your ads after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or sent you their email address. Whether visiting or browsing on other websites, people can see those advertisements, use social media, watch videos, use other Smartphone devices, or search on Google. Remarketing is the most successful way of growing your business. On average, I’ve seen social remarketing improving engagement rates by three times, and double conversion rates. Another potentially big win for retail companies: merge remarketing with product ads on Facebook.

7. Turn Visitors into customers

Your Facebook Advertising efforts will attract new traffic to your web site. Perhaps more is what you want. You want some leads. To do this, you’ll want a cookie to tag visitors who come to your site. This will help build your audience for remarketing. Now you can start applying behavioral and demographic filters on your audience to target your Facebook ads to a narrow group of people who are interested in your stuff (behavioral and interest targeting), who recently checked your stuff out (retargeting), and those who can afford to buy your stuff (demographic targeting). This way, Facebook ads can help you find eligible leads or make sales more frequently.

8. Call buttons are game-changers

As stated earlier, Facebook has 1.39 billion monthly visitors and half a billion of its users can access the network via mobile phone only. And it’s a big chance to gather leads from mobile Facebook users. Business calls are much more efficient than website clicks. That’s why the Call Buttons on Facebook are game-changers. Think about mobile Facebook users. They see an ad, press the Call Now button, and the lead is captured. Compare this to conversion funnel for the old-school desktop quest. A user comes across an ad, clicks on it, visits the landing page, and some leads are captured. You can now bypass this way, thanks to Facebook Ads.