One of the most common marketing tactics today is influencer marketing. The explanation for its success stems from the fact that customers today are well informed. When it comes to decision making, it is the influencers who guide them. That means the methods that once may have worked are not as effective as they once were. If you’re still not sure about roping in the influencers into your marketing campaign, this article will help you make up your mind. Here are some of the advantages that influencer marketing offers.

1. Credibility and trust

Why do you think people are going after social media influencers? That’s because they are influenced by them and confide in their views and recommendations. Influencers with a loyal following have been effective in establishing themselves in their respective niche as a subject matter expert. Their followers trust in any advice or perspective that comes from them. Studies have shown that influencer tweets have improved buying intent 5.2 times, when compared with those from brands. Not only that, as a result of an influencer tweet, 40 % of people reported having made a purchase. If you have an influencer recommend your brand, people are likely to be more receptive. This is why one of the influencer marketing’s biggest advantages is its ability to create trust and confidence about a brand.

2. Highly Focused and Relevant

When you’re partnering with an influencer whose niche aligns with your goods, you’re sending your message to a wider audience. The # 1 explanation for influencer marketing being able to produce high ROI is primarily due to the relevance. For example, if you sell sports shoes, people who are into sports and fitness will be your target market. And if you partner with a fitness blogger, then you have very high chances of hitting a concentrated group of audience. Such people are typically fitness enthusiasts or sports enthusiasts. That’s the whole reason why they follow a fitness influencer. When the message reaches such a group, the likelihood of conversions is far higher than that of a generic audience. Therefore emphasis and relevance are key benefits of influencer marketing.

3. Doesn’t look pushy

One of the key reasons why influencer marketing is more successful is because it is not pushy. An influencer’s followers have opted happily to receive content from them. So it doesn’t come across as pushy when you give them your message through an influencer. Influencer marketing is also much more effective than advertising in bringing the message through to the audiences. Two-thirds of users use ad-blockers on their computers and smartphones according to an IAB survey. So, credible and meaningful influencer content is a far more effective way to meet them.

4. Provides Value to Your Target Audience

One of the most significant benefits is that it will provide value to the target audience. You may have spotted famous YouTuber’s posting product videos on their channels. These are incredibly informative to their readers and a valuable source of content. Today, if you wanted to buy a digital camera, you would probably look up online product reviews. An influencer review which talks about the features in detail and their usefulness would be valuable indeed. Such reviews are not only insightful but trustworthy for customers too.

5. Helps Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Since your target audience is basically the audience that you will hit through influencer marketing, they convert faster. This is because they have an interest in that particular niche already. So you can not only attract quicker customers but also push more sales. In a study conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, it was found that influencer marketing is quickest when it comes to online customer acquisition. That is obviously one of the key advantages of influencer marketing.

6. Strengthens the SEO

Domain Authority has the greatest influence on your search rankings. But what are Domain Authorities? What’s more, how can you increase your Domain Authority? Domain Authority is a score assigned to a website based on how informative, useful, and relevant the content is. If your site is linked to other high-authority, credible websites, you are likely to have good content. So, a key strategy for increasing Domain Authority is to get backlinks from websites with high authority. If your influencer has a high DA and links back to your website, it increases your probability of appearing higher in search. Influencer marketing can thus also help to improve your efforts at SEO.

7. Simple on the Wallet

Marketing influencer needn’t be expensive, unless you’re looking to collaborate with celebrities. The trouble with celebrities, however, is that their audiences are more generic. And even though your message could hit millions, your chances of conversion are much less. Micro-influencers, however, will give you a better return for your buck. Their followers are fewer than celebrities’, and are thus more active and focused. Some influencers also operate very frequently in exchange for free goods or services, or even as collaborators. This influencer marketing would certainly suit one’s wallet.

The bulk of your influencer marketing campaign’s effectiveness depends on your influencer’s decision. The rewards are enormous if you make the right choice. Working to build long-term relationships with them is necessary and it should be mutually beneficial. If you are truly interested in their career development, they are more likely to be involved in yours too.