So many people overlook their brand identity and go straight to promotion. They keep on promoting, without giving much thought to how the identity of what they are promoting impacts the outcome. We are trapped in a marketing culture of “me too,” where we all want to be heard. Most companies don’t even care if you compare them to the rival, and pricing is typically the only differentiator that a prospective customer can decipher. This is why brands need to begin to embrace an increasing marketing mindset. Marketing is not just about publicity, it’s about shifting target market values. It’s not about getting the name advertised. It’s about showcasing just how special the brand is. An established brand identity is like a North Star: it directs you to make a range of crucial decisions that provides a consistent customer experience for your customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

1. Strong Branding Makes You unforgettable

Although certain customers take the time to study and compare choices, others opt for whatever they can recognize. It is for this reason that existing companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and KFC spend billions per year on advertising. They focus on the Brand Recognition. Although you do not have a Fortune 500’s budget, the same strategies can also be used in your online marketing. And, frankly, it doesn’t even have to be a tactic — making yourself visible to clients is just good common sense. A solid brand identity consists of uniform font, color, and logo choices which are used in all marketing materials to reflect your company.

2. Brand Recognition Builds Trust

An intelligently built website will make your company appear stronger and bigger than competitors. Customers prefer to put greater trust in more developed firms. A good brand name says, “We’re not going to run away with your money”. Individuals tend to pay more for existing goods and services as an incentive too. Give them the link to a janky WordPress website, or a poorly crafted promotional offer, and they may say to themselves: Do these people know what they do? There will also be critical thinkers, of course, who will not be judging a book by its cover. These types of customers, however, are few and few between. Going the extra mile with a professional branded website fosters trust.

3. Strong Branding Filters Out Bad Leads

Curating a good brand identity filters out the unwanted leads. The truth is that you don’t want to do business with everybody; you want to do business with those who are most attuned to your core values. These would be your best customers. For example, say you sell a premium coffee subscription service. Your ideal customer isn’t Mike who gladly pays 79 cents a cup at 7 every morning. Your ideal customer is Susan who considers coffee an affordable luxury and has been eyeing slow drips on Amazon since last Monday. A thoughtfully curated brand identity will simultaneously attract Susan and detract Mike, thus making it easier for you to close sales and develop long-term customer relationships.

4. Brand Identity Supports Product Launches

No matter what your product is, opportunities to introduce new products and services to the marketplace will always exist. Listening to customers, anticipating what they need, and creating innovative solutions is always a good business. The question is: Can we afford to introduce something new at the moment? Established businesses and brands have loyal customer followings. It’s easier and less expensive to introduce new products to customers who already trust you than to convince strangers to try them. Consistent inbound marketing along with strong brand identity work together to create followers who want to hear from you. As previously discussed, the question isn’t whether you have a brand or not.

5. Good Business

The question is whether it’s the one you want. A strong brand identity can both initially attract customers and then keep them coming back. Due to increasing online competition, having a distinct identity has never been more important. The companies who take time to get clear on what they stand for, and communicate it in a way that makes people care, will always have an edge over its competitors.