As a marketer, maybe you’ve heard colleagues talking about how email marketing is dead. I’m here to let you know, because email marketing is still going high, you don’t have to worry. Nevertheless, 40 % of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most important to their success in marketing content, and 73 % of millennials prefer business correspondence to email. In fact, 99 % of customers check their emails every day and it is by far the preferred way to receive brand notifications. We cannot neglect such figures as marketers. That is why developing a strong email marketing strategy is critical. Let’s look at the top email marketing benefits, which illustrate why it’s one of the most successful marketing strategies.

1. Creating Custom content

You can customize your campaigns with email marketing, and create targeted content. Customization may be as simple as having the name of a person in the text. In reality, emails that include the recipient’s first name in their subject line have a higher clickthrough rate than those which don’t. On the other hand, you can even create personalized content based on your market segmentation, so you can deliver the right emails to the right customers. For example, you may want to submit an email marketing campaign to returning customers and another to one-time customers. One of the key benefits of email marketing is that the content can be highly customized according to the needs of the audience. To improve your interaction, your emails may have variations like different photos or subject lines. You can also create segmented lists based on your geography or level of engagement. To have an effective email marketing campaign, you must send the correct email at the right time to the right people. Here, segmentation and customization can help.

2. Gathering reviews and surveys

If you want consumers to continue to connect, engage, and buy from your brand, keeping your focus on the consumer experience is very important. Email marketing can support you to a great extent in this. For instance, you can submit customer satisfaction surveys via email campaigns to get customer feedback. It is in fact one of the easiest ways of measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS). The ranking lets you figure out the number of clients who are supporters of the brand and those who are detractors. Using this knowledge, techniques can be built for enhancing the customer experience.

3. Increasing Sales

While email marketing is obviously an excellent marketing tool, it can actually improve your sales too. In reality, 59 % of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI, and marketers who have used segmented campaigns notice as much as a sales increase of 760 percent. Email marketing campaigns may feature goods or services, enable consumers to buy after leaving their cart, or provide customers with special offers. In fact, in a study, 59 % of respondents say marketing emails affect their buying decisions. Your email marketing strategies will easily add messages to promote a purchase of your newsletters and notifications to an audience that is more likely to buy from you as they have opted-in. You can also use email marketing to automate part of the selling process which can also help to increase sales. For example, with the free email marketing tool, you can automate sales drip campaigns and submit automated messages to prospects that your salespeople want to follow up with.

4. Communicate with your audience

As a marketer, improving communication with your audience is always important. They are more likely to become loyal to your brand when your audience feels like they can relate to you. Think about it — people like good emails. Think of the last time you got a marketing email from a company you love — was it disruptive or did you enjoy reading the latest news? You’ve certainly appreciated the experience because it’s a brand you like and it kept you in touch with one of your favorite brands. You can meet more of your audience with email marketing, and easily connect with brand ambassadors. Plus, these emails keep your audience informed, whether it’s a slow or busy season, at any time of year.

5. Generate traffic for the website

How do you disseminate it to your audience when you create great content? You will probably send them an email. You can send traffic to your site with email marketing campaigns, and boost your SEO. And you’re going to keep your audience engaged with your brand and app. Email is a perfect way to keep our audience interest and that’s what we do by sending our content in our emails and creating traffic. While designing an email that links to your content, bear in mind that and email should include a call to action (CTA) to allow readers to click it and reach your site.

6. Steady leads

Through email marketing, you can also increase your leads. E-mail marketing is primarily used for the inbound approach to nurture leads and boost conversions. Let’s assume you downloaded a lead magnet from a web site. You then start getting drip emails and eventually you plan to book a demo and learn more. You also went from a MQL to SQL, which increases the amount of eligible leads from the marketing departments to the sales department. Email marketing strategies will screen leads further and the sales team won’t waste time on poor leads. Plus, if your organization does lead scoring, you can keep track of how your emails are opened or engaged by clicking on the links in your email address.