Facebook store is a smart solution for businesses that want to boost their sales without investing anything. A Facebook store makes it possible for you to sell directly from your Facebook store page by accepting payment through your eCommerce website. And if you have a good number of followers on Facebook, then you have a good chance to turn these followers into customers. Your followers will be able to browse through all your items on the Facebook page and shop directly from there. Yeah, it’s as easy as that. It’s a no-brainer that Facebook is one of the largest social media sites worldwide today, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Everyone can target their audience and create strong customer relationships through a Facebook store, whether you are a start-up and small business or a major brand. Have a look at some of the benefits that setting up a Facebook shop has.

1. You don’t have to upload categories

On your Facebook shop, you don’t have to upload items or set up other features all over again. All your items and categories will be transferred automatically and show live on Facebook eCommerce shop so that you have easy access to the untapped customer base. Also, as your Facebook shop page is synced with your eCommerce website, it will be automatically updated on your Facebook store if you make any changes to your WooCommerce website. For example, if you update any items or adjust the color of the buttons, the Facebook store will also automatically update them. No need to change stuff separately in both the stores. In this way, you can save a lot of time that you can utilize in other aspects of your business.

2. No investment needed

Your WooCommerce store doesn’t have to be a costly affair on Facebook. With WooCommerce, owning a Facebook store helps you to reach maximum customers with zero investment. It will also add a Facebook pixel on your website that allows you to monitor Facebook advertising conversions and consumer behavior. It will also let you optimize ads and create targeted audiences for your future advertisements. It will collect useful data for your business, and use it to re-market your products to the right audience, based on their action taken on your website.

3. Mobile-friendly viewer experience

The Facebook store hosted by WooCommerce offers a seamless shopping experience, as it shows your items on any screen size, whether on tablets, cell phones, or laptops.

4. Gain Valuable Insights

The new feature in ‘Facebook-insights’ helps eCommerce business stores to gain useful insights about their website, such as the scope of your website and messages, engagements, clicks, etc. Besides, if you want to dig deep and evaluate the success of particular posts and discover your customers’ demographics, you can also download these insights.

5. Other advantages

In addition to these advantages, a Facebook store is an excellent and affordable way for your company to get tremendous exposure. With a shop on Facebook, you can:

-Increase awareness about your brand with the use of social such as ads, shares, likes, etc. This, in turn, helps your brand gain recognition.

-Provide your followers (your potential customers) with various offers and deals

– Drive sales


Hope these advantages of having a store on Facebook have convinced you to create one for your own business. Once done, you can expect your sales to pick up by the day. So start your website and expose your goods to the 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users.