It’s no secret that online marketing is becoming more and more effective in promoting brands today. That’s the reason; marketers are always looking for fresh and productive avenues to reach out to the audience. These days, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts cannot be considered unique, since they are used by many advertisers. While social networks have a very large sphere of influence, they have a rapidly growing competitor: messengers. Messengers are attracting the attention of users around the world, that’s why we’re going to talk about Telegram and the advantages Telegram marketing can bring.

1. Strong security

Telegram developers know how to provide complete privacy and effective encryption like no one else. In general, Telegram uses double-layered encryption; meaning cloud chats are used for server-client encryption. A further client-client layer is used when dealing with hidden maps. There is also one particularly attractive Telegram feature, a self-destruct choice for messages viewed. The time for self-destruction ranges between one minute and one week after the reading of the letter. Entry to these messages is only accessible via the phone of the user, as the messages are not stored in the cloud.

2. Cloud based Messaging

The application needs very little storage on your smartphone, thanks to cloud-based model images, videos, songs, text materials, and documents that are stored online (you can also download them). Telegram does not slow down your phone’s function, as do so many heavy apps. Marketers should pay attention to this reality and take full advantage. Cloud-based technology makes it possible for users to access their chats and networks from multiple computers and phones.

3. Create your channel

One of the most significant and useful features is the Telegram channel. Channels are for a wide group of users to send messages and share information. An administrator is the only person who can govern the channel. You may appoint an additional administrator when appropriate. Many channels don’t allow their viewers to write posts, in this case only the administrators are allowed to do so. If any piece of information is posted by the administrator it is signed by the channel name. Telegram has a feature to make the channel public or private. The technology used is called a permanent URL for the channels. The URL is subscribed to by users. They are then immediately placed into the community list. Users do not require permission to become part of the public channel. Messages and links in the channels have a live view counter which also covers forwarded links. A user request must be approved by the administrator to access the private channel. It helps you to monitor the audience with whom you work and prevent sensitive data from being leaked.

4. Transferring Money

This alternative was introduced in Brazil and Russia but today it is much broader. The high level of security and secure storage of information makes Telegram a successful money transfer app. MoneyTalk is the bot that lets users transfer money to each other. Online stores should be paying attention to this platform.

5. Easy to build a bot

The bot offers an ability to run an account using special software rather than a human. Another benefit of using Telegram is that it’s pretty easy to build a bot on this platform. The Telegram team has also in place, step-by-step instructions, for people to create a bot by themselves. Since an expert can get further into the process, it’s easier to rely on someone with programming abilities. The primary reason why bots are so helpful is that they minimize a number of errors that people may make and provide several unique choices like schedule, reminds, internet search, and integration with other services. Besides, you don’t need to recruit additional advertisers, administrators, and other workers as you would be using the bot.

Conclusion Despite its young age, Telegram has made great strides towards worldwide growth and is gaining more and more users’ attention. Its security policy, no advertising, entirely new and extremely useful features, uncomplicated architecture, and cloud-based technology are the secret of Telegram’s success. Even though its primary task is not to be a means of marketing and promotion, the app has now started a new chapter in online marketing. With the remarkable Telegram messenger, catch the moment and promote your business.