Social media is a fantastic way to get initial engagement, but finally, the prospective customers should eventually become a part of your email list. Social media campaigns should be used to involve individuals and lead them to take the next step towards a sale. The ultimate objective will be to have people buying goods or services, but this might not always be feasible. Bearing this in mind, getting email ids and more data and permissions from your potential customers are the next best things to do. 

1. Use social media campaigns to create your email list

It makes sense to add newsletter subscriptions as a condition of entry when you initiate social media campaigns. Your mailing list growth would be supercharged by asking for addresses. Allow them to sign up for more data via email if individuals engage in your campaigns. Ensure that the campaign terms and conditions explicitly state that you intend to use the email in the future, but add the information that you can opt-out at any time. Send a welcome message right after they sign up to prevent any confusion. The first email allows you to filter out certain individuals who are not involved enough and instantly want to unsubscribe. You might see a few percent unsubscribe rate, but it will be of higher quality for the remaining list.

2. Send Drip Emails after a user signs up

It might be beneficial to send out a series of email messages after the original welcome email, depending on what sort of campaign you are running and the material you have available. These emails should be spaced a few days apart. Statistics indicate that shortly after they apply to your mailing list, new users are more likely to take advantage of the deals. Include in the first welcome email, some of your most enticing material and deals and follow-up with even more goodies in the next emails. You can use social media-launched drip campaigns to send very different kinds of messages. They can be in the form of reports, online courses, or articles. It can be a sequence of deals at a fixed interval that you send out. It can also be a mix of deals and details. For instance, a car dealer may send out routine maintenance details and add an offer for an oil change.

3. Launch social media campaigns, using your newsletter

The other way to combine social media with email is to kickstart your campaign using your current mailing list. Plan the campaign to give the people already on the list a little advantage over the other participants. This will remind your subscribers about the benefits of being on your email list. If you have a mailing list, you can have above average interaction with the individuals on it. Using the mailing list will help you limit the budget that you will otherwise have to spend on paid ads. The email list should not only be used to start a campaign. You may also use it to activate participants with emails about the campaign’s progress in the case of longer campaigns.

4. Signing up for a newsletter

Ask your followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook to subscribe to your newsletter. For some reason, your fans and followers are trailing you. Use this reason and also add some value you provide to people who subscribe to your newsletter and some of them will proceed and take the next step. For example, you can tell your audience that it’s easy to miss important stuff, and hence subscribing to the newsletter will make sure that they get the regular data snippet from Facebook and Twitter, that they are interested in. If they sign up, they’ll get the best information to consume. You can also create email-only deals that offer an opportunity for your future clients to sign up.

5. Newsletter Signup Page on Facebook

You can add the newsletter registration as a page/app in the case of Facebook and guide people to that address. You may use the link in your profile and on other networks to point to the sign-up page for newsletters. Be sure to provide a call to action that gives the reasons for joining the newsletter to your audience.

6. Rolling out a newsletter-only offers

Create exciting deals and offers only for people who are subscribed to your newsletter. To get the message out, let the people on social media who follow you know that if they do not sign up, they would miss out on something amazing. The positive thing about these new signups, generated by the enticing offers, is that most people want to make that purchase right now. However, you need to make sure that you don’t lose any money by offering too much discount just to attract bottom feeders.