Since its inception, Instagram, which is one of the most trending social media sites among the Millennials, has been on the road to evolution and success. Instagram is an aesthetically visual site that, with its inventions & feature changes, has always been up-to-date. These developments have led to over a billion monthly active users and millions of active channel brands. Instagram Shop is one such feature that has been evolving and is changing the landscape of social media and its usefulness for influencers and e-commerce brands. It enables brands to transform their Instagram posts into shoppable posts, enabling customers to directly purchase the items from these posts in real-time. It is a feature that helps to turn the point of inspiration into a point of sale and shortens the journey of the customer, making it quick, simple, and convenient. Through the product visuals in the posts, the users get interested in purchasing. Mentioned below are the advantages of setting up an Instagram shop.

1. Easy discovery of product by customers

There are times when we come across a product on social media that intrigues us. However, there is no specific guidance, as to where we can purchase it, and later on, we are unable to locate the item anywhere. But product exploration is extremely simple for users with the Instagram store, as they can click on the shoppable tags to explore the specifications and pricing of the items in real-time to make a buying decision.

2. Trustworthy advertising

Today, customers prefer to trust the authenticity and rely on user-generated content over any branded content to make their online buying decisions. To do so, by combining all related UGC posts with shoppable tags to set up an Instagram store, you can create a more trustworthy shopping climate. It will also help provide a realistic image of the items, how they are used by individuals, their aesthetic information, and feedback. This, in turn, along with sales, will help to create brand advocacy.

3. Visual marketing increases conversion

In order to attract and engage clients and lead them to conversions, visual marketing is the use of captivating photos & videos. This instrument seems to be an outlet for marketing in the modern century. This is because it is understood that visuals are more exciting for users. The studies indicate that, after viewing a video, 85 % of consumers are more likely to purchase your goods. You can use visuals with an Instagram shop to produce shoppable content, and it can contribute to increased sales.

4. Influencer marketing opportunity

Setting up an Instagram shop presents a perfect opportunity to maximize ads by Instagram influencers. Influencer marketing was earlier, centered primarily on building brand recognition and amplifying visibility and scope. Users came to hear about your company, and a small part of it did business with you. But now you have the means to integrate Instagram shop with influencer marketing content and drive sales directly with a better impact in terms of sales.

5. Simpler and shorter journey for the buyer

When it comes to eCommerce, users get annoyed with long, tiring, and dynamic processes of purchasing and checkout. This problem has now been solved by the Instagram shop by enabling users to conveniently purchase the items on this platform, with minimal clicks and time. Getting a shorter shopping path with quick checkout attracts more opportunities for conversion and also addresses the problem of cart abandonment to a great extent. In general, e-commerce brands make big investments in checkout optimization and purchase process testing, and the Instagram shop assists you in that direction.

6. More sales and engagement

Now comes the most critical and primary purpose served by the Instagram shop for every brand, i.e. increased user interaction and sales. The marketing strategy of a brand is primarily aimed at increasing sales & revenue. Converting Instagram posts into shoppable posts will enable users to quickly turn their intention to buy into action. When the user clicks on the shoppable post, he gets each and every detail about the product along with the description. This in turn increases the engagement. Also, having shoppable tags allows a user to buy real-time. 


Consumers are looking for simple & superior online experiences today. Instead of users trying to get to the store, the Instagram shop attempts to take the shop to the users. This helps your brand harness social media’s power to increase brand recognition, interaction, and, most importantly, conversion & sales. Try it for yourself and see what promise it holds for your brand, now that you know the benefits.