Podcasts are an incredibly entertaining and versatile platform for businesses and listeners alike. They are filled with details and are a perfect sprinkling of entertainment and light-hearted banter. The real potential behind podcasts is not known to most businesses. And there are a large number of reasons why they are an ideal addition to any content strategy. Let us discuss the top reasons to add podcast to your content strategy.

1. Podcasts have less competition

The content marketplace is really competitive. Through their content, active digital marketers find big wins when they find a content category or subject which is high engagement and low competition. That’s what a podcast offers. Although there are about 80 million business pages on Facebook, there are just 700,000 podcasts on the air. When you look for topics, the number shrinks. With hundreds-to-thousands of listeners, there might be only a handful of other podcasts addressing the issues important to your business. It is much simpler, to make your podcast stand out and gain listeners, with this low competition.

2. Engaging & Convenient

Podcasts need little effort to communicate on behalf of the listener, unlike written blog material that has to be read or even videos that involve sitting and watching by audiences. Hit play and listen; that’s all a podcast listener has to do. It’s the right form of content for multi-tasking, which most of us still do on a daily basis. It’s difficult for viewers to participate when the content demands too much of their exclusive time. It is easier to find time to listen to a podcast since it just calls for the attention of the ears of the person. We can listen to it while walking, driving, or even working out.

3. Mobile-friendly content

Part of the multi-tasking, low effort richness of this platform is due to how mobile-friendly it is. People enjoy listening to their favorite podcasts while they commute, on their smartphone. 70 % of podcast listeners are active from mobile devices. The adoption of mobile-friendly content types is significant as we increasingly prefer mobile devices over other technologies. Whether at the gym, in the car, relaxing at home, or elsewhere, it is easy for podcast listeners to consume this content while they are on the move.

4. Popularity is on a rise

The number of podcast listeners is ever increasing. According to Statistics, there were 48 million weekly podcast listeners in 2018. By 2021, this audience is anticipated to rise to 115 million. For advertisers wanting to start making a podcast, this is a major turning point for podcasts and in a significant time span. Now is the time to get started, as more and more companies will start to produce content for this platform to grow their audiences. Moving into the podcast game now will allow you to start building the audience and beat the competition.

5. Extremely loyal listeners

It is extremely vital to growing a podcast audience ahead of the competition because listeners are loyal to their favorite programs. They build relationships with the host and each time there is a new podcast show, they want to check back. It will be difficult for your rivals to draw such listeners to their shows if you can build a large following before the podcast boom. This loyalty also extends to other channels of marketing. For instance, on social media, podcast listeners are 20 % more likely to interact with a brand. Audiences will switch to platforms like social media when the podcast is over to continue the discussions and to connect with each other and your business.

6. Interactive Options

One of the reasons why podcasts are so entertaining and they have such a loyal audience is that they are very interactive. Hosts, much like a typical radio show, create audience surveys, answer questions, and take “calls.” This helps to bring viewers into the show and makes listening to the show feel more like an immersive experience. This interactivity helps to improve interaction with viewers. This degree of brand-customer engagement is provided by very few content forms. In your show, you can also interview other experts, which help develop your professional network and build a reputation in your field.