One of the online business world’s greatest marketing phenomenon is Twitter. It has already expanded faster than any other social network and is projected to expand more exponentially in the near future. Twitter as a multimedia tool gives businesses many advantages and it will be beneficial for the business if you start investing time on Twitter. 81 % of the users believe that Twitter influences their buying decision more than Television, and 52 % of Twitter users agreed that they’ve purchased a product they saw first on Twitter. The good news is that even though you don’t have a social media presence on Twitter today, it might be a different story tomorrow. Further in this post below, you will continue to read to understand all the benefits of using Twitter for online marketing at your company.

Monitoring your business

Have you tried to figure out what people think about your brand? Twitter makes intelligence gathering easy since you can monitor when people mention in tweets the name of your business or Twitter account. Plus, you will find out who’s referring to your hashtag if you have a specific hashtag associated with your brand. This is a perfect source of the branding data in real-time. We recommend you use your Tweet Deck on Twitter. The interactive dashboard helps the marketers to prepare tweets and track mentions and hashtags.

Better customer service

Your current or future customers can follow up on your Twitter account in real-time with business updates. This offers you a rare opportunity to quickly change or tweak all of your business practices according to the reactions of your customers. That skill alone can give you a huge advantage over your competitors who are not aware of Twitter’s strength. You can also check for any conversations relevant to your company on Twitter, and respond to feedback. This capability helps you to monitor and manage customer service for greater customer satisfaction.

Drive web traffic to your local store and website

Through Twitter, promotional deals, or the announcements of online or offline activities such as competitions will catch the attention of your customers. If you have a followers Twitter page you can guide those followers to your site. You can guide people to your local store or website to get more info, sign up, leave feedback, etc. For example, if you sell any product online, you can provide exclusive discounts on your new product range. You can also ask your followers if they like the new model with a fun questionnaire that is connected to your website and can offer people who complete the questionnaire, a discount. If your offer is valuable your tweets will spread on Twitter in no time and you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Discover trends in the industry

Every industry has its unique events and trends. If you browse at trending topics on Twitter, you can easily find useful tools and information about the industry on Twitter. You may also scan for keywords that refer to your company or the names of your most famous pages and see who on social media is talking about them. It’s a great way to see what your peers in your industry are talking about and you can use the knowledge to generate new ideas for your website.

Communicating more effectively

No matter how hard you try, if you’re unable to make your company principles and priorities transparent to people, all your marketing efforts are useless. Twitter will provide you the opportunity to tell people directly about your business principles and priorities. On Twitter, you can have day-to-day conversations, and let people easily track what you’re up to. You will immediately answer their questions and clear up any concerns they may have. When you become closer and more accessible to people, you crack the distant corporate picture and begin to connect with people more effectively.

Strengthening Your Connection with the Local

As already mentioned, Twitter offers benefits both globally and locally. If you have a local business or a local branch, you should include the location in your tweets to let your followers know about it. You can also exchange valuable local knowledge, provide local social initiatives, and support local activities or causes. Both of these activities will build awareness of your local business and enhance your connection with the local community.

To sum it up, the Twitter platform offers great benefits to your company. Businesses that use Twitter as a marketing tool effectively, can boost customer experience, engage with clients in a better way, increase traffic to the physical store or website, closely track trends and rivals and interact with their local community.