Positive user response is an essential part of optimizing on Google App store. User reviews influence people directly in their immediate decision to install the app or game, so it plays a significant role in the number of app downloads. The Google Play Store algorithm operates according to the ratings and positive feedback of your app. When you begin to earn favorable ratings and good feedback from customers, the ranking of your product in the app store increases. For each negative or low rating, the opposite can be seen. This directly impacts the performance of every app on the Play Store. So, it is clear that each feedback and review should be treated diplomatically since they are the main components of any app’s success. If you are into creating Apps, make sure you recruit an experienced app developer. Follow these 10 ways to handle feedback in Google Play Store in a diplomatic way that will greatly improve the output of your App or game.

1. Accept all feedbacks

A brand can’t always get positive or constructive feedback. This is partly due to the distinct consumer behavior pattern. Often, their reviews are so ambiguous that it becomes difficult to know what to do or how to update the App. Therefore, the most acceptable tactic to repose to a negative review is not to take it sentimentally but consider it as an assistive opportunity. Developers need to remain patient, as making everyone happy is not always possible.

2. Creating a fantastic product

The primary objective should be to create a great app that gives customers distinct and critical value and offers a perfect solution to their requirements. Any good app needs to have the right value proposition that is simple to understand. Google Maps, for example, helps to locate a place and find the fastest route to it. Facebook Messenger helps to communicate smoothly and quickly with your peers.

3. Continuous App enhancement

Reviews should be used by app developers as a wake-up call, as a technique that causes further development. So, if the app has a flaw that prevents the user from enjoying the app, it will result in a negative rating. In this case, if a better experience can be given in the next update, there is still an opportunity for the user to modify their reviews. Bad feedback will also provide suggestions about creative features that can be included in the Apps roadmap for growth.

4. Ask proactively to encourage reviews

An app must have a lot of ratings and reviews to achieve a major change in search and raking. Developers should always encourage users to leave a review or ask them to leave one via the ‘user interface’ of the App or game.

5. Recognize users who are most involved

The app cannot make everybody happy. Owing to a few factors, some users may not find it useful. They might even be on the edge of uninstalling the App. Developers should consider the most interested and happiest users in this case and invite them to review. This method may deter unsatisfied users from writing a negative review. It can also help to improve the further installation of software.

6. Ask users to rate the App during true moments of happiness

The most common mistake that app developers make is to ask users too early to rate their app. This pop up is usually encoded in the creation of Android applications. You should note that a short time might not be appropriate for users to go through the app for honest analysis. It is also important to find out the proper time for the “moment of happiness” of the user. Let the user’s rate and review the app when they are most satisfied with your App or the support hat they got. For example, if the user just used your coupon and got a good deal on his next travel plan in booking hotels, you can give a pop-up for a good review.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt about the fact that one of the most critical aspects of creating a good app is user feedback. So, to get the best feedback from your customers, recruit app developers wisely. It has a direct effect on the Google app store, affecting the algorithm for store raking, search ranking, and download speeds. Follow the above 6 methods, to give your App a real chance to get good reviews and ratings at Google Play Store.