In order to get noticed, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands. The app was developed as a way to share images with friends, but marketers have learned to leverage the hashtag’s power to raise brand awareness over the years. There are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, making it one of the world’s most widely used social media platform. Combine the sheer number of users with Instagram’s fast-paced, high visual interface and you have a marketing success story for yourself. Videos from Instagram are particularly useful in creating brand awareness. In reality, videos in your posts actually generate more than 20% more interaction. This awareness has contributed to more companies using Instagram stories and IGTV, as well as video advertising. Video is the ideal tool to help lift your brand into the spotlight, with customers spending more and more time on the discovery page. Here are some ways to gain visibility for your brand using videos on Instagram.

1. Use Videos in the Instagram feed

To reach the desired engagement rate, you need to consider many things, whenever you upload any content in your feed. Considering what we learned on Instagram about video creating more interaction, it doesn’t mean you can forget about pictures altogether. Instead, when you post to your live feed, consider mixing the media styles. It’s a proven fact that adding video content to your posts as well as images will get more followers to engage with you on your posts.

2. Instagram Stories

In 2016, when Instagram added the stories feature as a way to compete with Snapchat, they created a whole new way for brands to connect with followers. You can upload images and videos which are under 30 seconds, with stories that your followers can easily find. Of all stories viewed, brands on Instagram make up 70 %. This is because stories help businesses to humanize themselves. Story content does not need to be curated as carefully as feed content or IGTV posts and helps you to interact with customers by displaying your brand in a raw form.

3. Upload videos on IGTV

IGTV was introduced in 2019 by Instagram. For brands using video content to enhance their marketing, IGTV has altered the game. Where up to 60 seconds of video content could be uploaded by brands before, they can now upload up to one hour of content on their IGTV site. This has just been another great way for Instagram to enable companies to communicate with their customers and give them more of what they want. More and more Instagram users are taking advantage of what IGTV has to offer, whether it’s watching their favorite chef cook a new dish, or seeing how the beauty influencer makes her eyeliner so flawless.

4. Live streaming your videos

Instagram Live is just one of the many cool ways you can promote your brand using video content. Live streaming is similar to stories, in the sense that, compared to the carefully selected images on your feed, it has content that is raw and uncut. It is possible to use live streams in a variety of ways for marketing. Use them to announce the release of a new product or a limited time deal, to provide a sneak-peek behind the scene video of your brand, or to share tutorials on how to use your product. You can be sure of creating trust in your brand and reinforce customer loyalty by engaging with your followers in real-time.

You can use videos on Instagram to give your brand the boost it needs in so many awesome ways. From in-feed content to IGTV, videos are a great way to make sure that your followers engage with you, helping your brand shine on Instagram.